List All Available Emulator Consoles / Systems

 Consoles Name

Emulators Counts

3DO Emulator Emulators (1)
Acorn Archimedes Emulators (2)
Amiga Emulators (1)
Arcade Emulators (6)
Atari 2600 Emulators (6)
Atari Jaguar Emulators (2)
Atari Lynx Emulators (1)
Bandai Wonderswan Emulators (1)
C64 Emulators (2)
Capcom Play System 3 Emulators (1)
Commodore 64 Tapes Emulators (3)
Computer Emulator Emulators (10)
CPS2 Emulators (2)
GameCube Emulators (5)
GB Emulators (10)
GBA Emulators (8)
GBC Emulators (6)
Genesis Emulators Emulators (2)
GG Emulators (1)
N64 Emulators (17)
N64 Emulators Emulators (1)
NDS Emulators (8)
Nebula Emulators (1)
Neo Geo Emulators (1)
NES Emulators (24)
Nintendo Virtual Boy Emulators (2)
PalmOS Emulators (2)
Panasonic 3DO Emulators (3)
PC-Engine Emulator Emulators (4)
Philips Cd-I Emulators (1)
Playstation 3 Emulators (1)
PS2 ISOs Emulators (3)
PSP ISOs Emulators (5)
PSX/PS1 ISOs Emulators (6)
ScummVM Emulators (3)
Sega 32x Emulators (2)
Sega CD Emulators (2)
Sega Dreamcast Emulators (4)
Sega Mega Drive Emulators (7)
Sega Saturn Emulators (4)
SMS Emulators (6)
SNES Emulators (11)
TAP Emulators (3)
TurboGrafx 16 Emulators (2)
Virtual Boy Emulators (2)
X86 Emulators Emulators (1)
Xbox ISOs Emulators (3)

Everything You Need to Know about Emulators

For most gamers, the word emulator is a well-known term that simply translates as the ability to play old games today. Actually, emulators are used for countless applications and they have been with us for decades. Now is the time to explain all you will need or want to know about them.


Emulator: Basics

An emulator can be software or hardware development. It is used to allow for a device, for instance, a computer to run files that were developed for another platform. Let’s take an example in which you will run a GBA file on a computer. Normally you will need a cartridge and a GBA device itself. The emulator allows you to play it on a computer. In other words, an emulator will allow a computer (host) to behave like a GBA (guest).

Emulators are the most common in software variants. These are ordinary pieces of software that have to be installed on a device in order to be used. There are countless of them available online and there are a lot of different versions of each one.

Different Consoles & Systems

Some emulators can be used with different files. An emulator can be able to run GB, GBA, NES, and other games. However, it can be installed on a device with a specific operating system. Some emulators run only on Windows, while others run only on Mac computers. Emulators that run on multiple platforms come in different versions, each one developed for a specific platform.

A separate type of emulator is those designed for Android. They can be installed on an Android smartphone like an ordinary app and they can be used to play suitable games instantly. Most of the emulators that are developed for computers can run on Android, with a different version of course.

Benefits for Gamers

The main and biggest usage of emulators is for gamers who want to play classic games on computers today. These emulators are a complicated piece of software that can run most of the classic game ROMs and can do it equally well as the original console. Basically, a gamer will get the same controls, the same features, and even some advantages.

The aforementioned advantages include the ability to take a screenshot, to speed up time, to use cheats and so much more. Not all emulators support all of these features. Using cheats is possible only if an emulator allows it. Hackers are able to tweak emulators so gamers can get all kinds of specific benefits.

The process for using an emulator is basically the same, despite its version and type. All you have to do is to launch the emulator and open the ROM file. After that, the game will start and you can start playing it.

The Importance of Emulators in Retro Gaming

Emulators come in many versions and forms, but they are essential for gamers who want to play classic console games today. Emulators use ROM files to operate and they can simulate any game ever developed. They are extremely easy to use and run on different platforms including Windows, Android, and Mac.